Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kigali Evenings

Evenings and nights in Kigali are amazing. The temperature is perfect and it is neither too humid nor too dry. It is like a summer evening in Maine, but even better. I stayed inside for much of the day, working on narrative evaluations for my COA classes and trying to get my stuff a little more organized. But as evening approached I ventured out for a short run. It was slow and difficult. It had been at least a month since I've gone for a run, and Kigali is at 5000 ft so there's not a lot of oxygen. But it was good to get moving.

After showering and some more work, I ventured out into the night. I found a sorta decent pizza place about 20 minutes from my house. I think it's called Downtown Pizza. It's not great, but it wasn't bad, either. Kigali is notorious for slow service at restaurants, but this place was fine. It seemed like a reasonably friendly place. It's good to know that there is somewhere within walking distance that I can get a quick bite to eat. They're open until 1 on weekdays and 3 on weekends. I don't know how late their kitchen stays open. I was there around 8pm today.

Speaking of food, I've been impressively unadventurous so far. So far I've had a veggie burger (three different times), pizza, and a nice Indian meal (far better than any place in Maine, but that's not saying a lot). I've cooked peanut noodles and also made pasta with a home-made sauce with some tomatoes and onions that I bought at a small local market. I will get more adventurous in the weeks ahead.

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  1. Dave - It's wonderful to follow your time in Kigali! You're such a good writer - and what an amazing thing to experience your trip through your words and descriptions. I am in a tea house on Mass Ave in Cambridge, reading about nights in Kigali!