Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Month

It has now been one month since I left home for Kigali. It seems both like I have been here much longer than that and also that I just got here. Time has been quite nonlinear for me of late.

It is almost 9:30pm and I am working on my balcony. There is occasional lightning in the distance and the temperature seems to have dropped a few degrees in the last 15 minutes. I still have a fair amount of class preparation to do tonight, but I feel too tired to work much more. I had an energetic and fairly productive afternoon, but a large dinner at a good Indian restaurant seems to have sapped my energy. I am hoping that writing a blog entry can help me find a second wind.

It is raining lightly now. I can hear drops pinging off my roof and those of the adjacent houses. The rain is fairly gentle. This afternoon there was a downpour for about half an hour. The drainage ditches and troughs, of which there are many here, filled with torrents of water. Then it stopped fairly abruptly and was dry until now. Walking to the Indian restaurant the moon was out. It was a thin sliver, tilted at a much different angle than I am used to back home.

A steady rain is falling now. I should turn my attention to finishing class preparation for tomorrow. I have a two hour computational physics class and later a three hour computational physics lab. Friday I have five hours of general physics lab. My co-teacher is taking the lead on this lab, but I still need to be around to help out. Then Friday afternoon I will hold a review session for students studying for the physics GRE. So I have much teaching ahead before the weekend arrives. I have tomorrow's class and lab pretty well mapped out, but I need to finalize my notes and make a handout for lab.

The rain has let up some, and there is a light, cool breeze on my balcony. Time to prepare some notes and matlab code to help my students understand Euler's method.

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  1. Congratulations on the Fulbright, Dave. Look forward to reading about your time in Rwanda.