Sunday, March 11, 2012


The picture above is the building where I work. It is KIST III, also known as Mutabura block. This building houses all science faculty: the math, chemistry, physics, biology, and food science departments. My office is on the fourth floor on the opposite side of the building. Below is a picture of the KIST guesthouse, which is where I live. My room is on second floor. My balcony is on the far left, almost completely hidden by trees. The two photos are taken from the same spot, but facing in different directions. The guesthouse is, at most, 200 meters from the science building.

I have spent the last few days grading exams and copy-editing chapters of my book. It is monotonous, but I'm making good progress. The last two days have been unusually warm and dry. Tonight it is pleasantly cool. There is not much else to report. I had yogurt for breakfast. I had an amazing Indian meal for dinner. I am currently drinking a not amazing Rwandan beer. At least it is cold. Tomorrow I will wake up and do it all again.

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